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Trump Issues Warning To Gloating Democrats And They’d Be Wise To Listen Up

People have been underestimating President Trump for years and the Democrats are about to fall into the same trap.

Trump is a fighter and he has a knack for finding a win in the face of huge odds and has done it time and again.

The stakes are high but in reality, the fight over the wall frees Trump. The GOP had Congress and while they needed 60 votes to get the wall built in the Senate, they didn’t have the stomach for the fight.

Or they never wanted the wall – thanks, Paul Ryan. But now with Pelosi holding court in the House, a clear contrast can be made between the two sides.

More importantly, the wall is a metaphor for the fight over immigration and what kind of future we want for this country and that fight will continue. Which plays into Trump’s hand.

“’I like the fact that the President is making the case (Border Security & Crime) to the American people. Now we know where Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer & the Democrats stand, which is no Border Security.

Will be big 2020 issue.’ Matt Schlapp, Chair, ACU. Bigger than anyone knows!” Trump tweed out quoting CPAC head Matt Schlapp.

Then Trump fired a warning shot across Pelosi’s bow:

“21 days goes very quickly. Negotiations with Democrats will start immediately. Will not be easy to make a deal, both parties very dug in.”

“The case for National Security has been greatly enhanced by what has been happening at the Border & through dialogue. We will build the Wall!” he tweeted.

“We have turned away, at great expense, two major Caravans, but a big one has now formed and is coming.”

“At least 8000 people! If we had a powerful Wall, they wouldn’t even try to make the long and dangerous journey. Build the Wall and Crime will Fall!” Trump added.

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