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Sarah Sanders Releases New Plan To Deal With Media And Jim Acosta’s Furious

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a very difficult job in Washington – dealing with the jackals in the media.

The fact is they are out to get Trump in any way they can, and while they have been tough on other politicians in the past, nothing compares to the vitriol they throw at Trump.

Sarah comes under intense criticism as well and with new technologies allowing for direct communication between Trump and the people, the daily press briefing is a bit outdated.

So the abject horror of showboats like Jim Acosta, Sarah and Trump just released a new plan to deal with the press.

From Washington Examiner: White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Wednesday it’s unclear if she’ll give any more press briefings.

“Well see what happens,” Sanders told “Fox & Friends” when asked if the Trump White House would resume the longstanding practice, which White House correspondents consider an important venue to ask government officials about matters of public concern.

“Look, we are in the business of getting information to the American people,” she said. “Not making stars out of people that want to become contributors on CNN, and that’s a lot of times what we see taking place in the briefing room.”

In 2018, she held a total of 60 briefings with just 13 of those between July and December. In the months of September, November, and December, Sanders took the podium just once each month. So far this year, Sanders has yet to hold a briefing.

Sanders asserted Wednesday Trump administration officials, starting with the president, are plenty accessible to journalists.

“I take questions from reporters every single day,” Sanders said. “The idea that this White House isn’t accessible to the press is absolutely laughable. I’ve done over 100 briefings, and answered thousands of questions from members of the press.”

Correct. Trump is by far the most open president we have had. He lets reporters into the White House for hours long unscripted question and answer sessions – Obama or Bush wouldn’t have dared. Bill Clinton couldn’t have pulled it off either.

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