Sarah Sanders Just Exposed the Secret Democrats Are Trying to Hide

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stopped by Fox News’ yesterday on her way into work and talked about the upcoming bill that could end in a government shutdown if the Democrats don’t work with President Trump.

The spending bill was given a temporary stay until December 21st but that date is rapidly approaching and it’s clear from Trump’s meeting with Pelosi and Schumer that the Democrats intend on obstructing Trump every step of the way.

“The President is committed to making sure that one way or another, whether it’s through Congress or other measures, that we protect our border.”

Sarah exposed the secret that Democrats have been trying to bury that they are actually supportive of the wall and border security but refuse to fund the wall because they want Trump to fail at his campaign promise to the American people.

“Frankly it’s sad that Democrats have changed their positions so much. If you look back … all of these individuals have supported border security. In fact, Chuck Schumer even said in a public statement that illegal immigration is wrong. Yet now that this President is championing the fight and trying to do what’s right, we have Democrats that simply just won’t join in that effort. They voted for [wall funding] in 2006 … and now they’ve changed their minds.”

That’s the only reason that could exist as to why these Democrats have switched their positions since 2006 – they want to prevent President Trump from getting anything done simply because they do not like him.

Do you think we should build the wall?

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