Sarah Sanders Goes Head To Head With Hypocrite Nancy Pelosi, Sends The Left Spiraling Out Of Control

It’s no secret that there is a war waging between Republicans and Democrats over the importance of building a wall on our southern border to protect Americans from the dangers of illegal immigration — a problem plaguing our country, costing billions of dollars in irreparable damage.

On the left, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are attempting to block any attempts by the President to get the funding necessary to move forward with the construction of the wall. While, on the right, the President and his team keep pushing forward for funding despite the constant pushback.

In one of the most recent exchanges, Nancy Pelosi took to Twitter to issue this statement:

“House Democrats just voted to ensure that this irresponsible #TrumpShutdown doesn’t block hardworking families from receiving their tax refunds in full & on time. The @SenateGOP must pass this legislation or be fully complicit in the cruelty of this shutdown. #EndTheShutdown”

Her statement comes as the government remains shutdown over the refusal of the Dems to provide the necessary funding to move forward. President Trump has said that he will end the shutdown as soon as the Dems get onside with the wall and provide the money to get it built.

However, as you can see from her statement, Pelosi is wrongly accusing the President for being responsible for what she calls the “#TrumpShutdown.”

It didn’t take long for Sarah Sanders to make her thoughts known on the subject, responding almost immediately to Pelosi’s statement.

In her own statement, Sanders had this to say:

“Democrat hypocrisy at its worst: @SpeakerPelosi claims to want border security but says a physical barrier is “immoral.” So does Pelosi want to tear down the hundreds of miles of barrier that already exist and many Democrats voted for?”

“Nancy Pelosi says border security is immoral. There is absolutely nothing immoral about protecting women and children from rape or murder by gangs like MS-13. It is the duty and moral obligation of our President to defend our border and keep Americans safe”

The tweet is referencing an earlier comment by Nancy Pelosi when she claimed that the wall was “immoral.” You can watch her make the comments here:

Americans were quick to get fired up on the Internet, making their thoughts known. Those on the right stood with our President and Ms. Sanders.

But, of course, there were those on the left who would still wish to fight against the President and see our borders unprotected.

As you can seem, they didn’t have much to offer in terms of facts, just slander because that’s what they’re good at.

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