Sarah Sanders Destroys Nancy Pelosi For Spreading Lies About Pres. Trump’s Authority

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held an on camera press briefing today with reporters who have been upset at the lack of briefings in the past few weeks.

As a result, they were more unruly than normal and gave Sarah a hard time. Not to worry though, because Sarah handled it like a champ and put them right back in their place.

The theme of the briefing was highly focused on the potential shutdown of the government that may happen if Democrats refuse to approve the funding President Trump is requesting for the border wall.

One reporter asked Sarah to clarify whether Nancy Pelosi was correct when she stated that the White House does not have the legal authority to reprogram money that hasn’t been spent and use it on the wall.

Sarah’s answer stunned him and will infuriate liberals.

“I would never use Nancy Pelosi as my source for legal authority on probably anything.”

She then reminded everyone that there is a White House legal team advising President Trump on the legal ins and outs of his job.

“But I would use attorneys that work here at the White House and other agencies whose entire job is determining whether or not something is legal.”

Dems should know by now that Nancy Pelosi likes to talk about things she doesn’t necessarily know about. They should be listening to the people whose job it is to practice law.

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