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Rand Paul Puts It All On The Line to Expose James Clapper

Unlike many of his colleagues who are motivated by money and power when weighing their political positions, Paul seems to be a straight shooter always answering to his political conscience.

Sen. Paul has witnessed enough of the witch hunt directed towards President Trump and everyone in his orbit.

Keep in mind that except for the crimes of Paul Manafort and his partner Rick Gates, that were committed nearly a decade before Trump hired Manafort, every other person who special counsel Robert Mueller has indicted, or caused to indicted , had not committed a crime prior to being investigated.

Mueller has relied on perjury – lying to a federal official – in some cases to the FBI (Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn) and in other cases to his investigative team.

Mueller has relied on a broad definition of lying to include misremembering or forgetting something that the FBI inquired about. For example Roger Stone.

These aren’t crimes in the true sense of crimes. In the case of Stone, the FBI had all of his emails. When he failed to remember a particular email, or group of emails, they could have simply confronted him with them to refresh his memory.

Compare the FBI’s treatment of Trump’s associates with that of Hillary Clinton’s henchmen and women who participated in and then covered up her email espionage.

In the case of Clinton there was overwhelming evidence that a federal crime had been committed but the FBI wrapped up the investigation in short order, without even seeking a single indictment.

When it came to Donald Trump there wasn’t a single predicate crime that they can point to as the reason for starting the investigation.

Then there’s former President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence who told a bald-faced lie to the United States Senate.

Clapper lied in answer to a question from Democratic Senator Ron Wyden. Wyden asked him whether he was aware of the collection of metadata of the personal information of millions of American citizens.

Because of Edward Snowden we know he perjured himself when he answered “no.”

Sen. Paul cited this significantly more substantive lie to highlight the political biases that determine who is investigated and who isn’t.

Sen. Paul followed immediately with a second tweet calling for a Senate investigation into the FBI over these matters:

I’ll let the reader decide whose lies have had a more profound negative effect on their lives – Roger Stone or James Clapper.

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