Michelle Laughs & Trashes Melania On ‘Tonight Show,’ Smile Gets Ripped Off Her Face

Michelle Obama showed up on the “Tonight Show” last night, and she wasted no time trashing First Lady Melania Trump. The attack came after Jimmy Fallon showed Michelle a photo of the Obamas on the day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Fallon asks, “Can you just walk me through this?” And that’s when the former first lady starts laughing as she trashes Melania. Well, that smile gets ripped off her face. Don’t miss this.

Michelle Obama’s apparent jealousy of Melania Trump drove her to act like a woman scorned on the Tonight Show. The 54-year-old former first lady feels the need to make snide and hurtful remarks about the current first lady. It reeks of desperation and proves Michelle goes low all the time.

Michelle was supposed to be promoting her new book, Becoming, but of course, after a few minutes, the conversation turns to the Trumps. This isn’t by accident. Someone like Michelle Obama makes it clear ahead of time what topics she wishes to discuss.

So when the anti-Trump, late night talk show host held up a photo of Michelle and Barack leaving the White House, Fallon asks Mrs. Obama what her thoughts were on leaving what most people would consider the most prestigious job in America.

“This is you, this is—uh—after the Trump inauguration. This is you, waving from Air Force One. Can you—uh—just take me through?” Fallon asked.

Michelle immediately interrupts. She had memorized this part. This is where she makes a joke and gets the audience to laugh at the Trumps. Looking out at the audience with her trademark sneer, she says, “BYE FELICIA!”

Fallon collapsed with laughter, and the leftist audience whooped with joy. In case you don’t know, the phrase “Bye Felicia” is a derogatory one made famous by the rapper Ice Cube. But that’s not all. Michelle was just getting warmed up.

After Fallon stopped faking an uncontrollable laugh, he asked: “Is that what was going through your mind?” Michelle responded, “Uh—a lot was going on that day—that was the day.”

This is where Michelle makes sure she can work in a smear directed right at Melania. The former first lady started to relate the story about the night before Trump’s inauguration. It was the Obamas’ last night in the White House.

Michelle explained that her daughters wanted a sleepover that night, saying, “Are you kidding me?” Michelle continued relaying her story as if she was talking about toddlers instead of a college-bound daughter and a high school junior. “You gotta take all of your stuff, the blankies, the bears—all of the stuff,” she said.

And that little story is how she works in a way to trash our beloved first lady, once again. Michelle continued, “So it was that, and then there was the Tiffany’s box.” Michelle immediately looks out at the audience with a smug snotty look on her face meant to make the audience laugh.

Except, the audience doesn’t get it. They didn’t know Michelle is talking about the lovely silver picture frame Melania gave to the outgoing first lady which was in the Tiffany box. Her embarrassing attempt to get a laugh out of the audience fell flat, and now she is getting that smug smile ripped off her face.

People are not amused at Michelle Obama using her role as the former first lady to trash the current one who is so classy and gracious. Piers Morgan, the popular British journalist, devoted an entire article to Michelle’s stunt last night.



  1. Jacqueline

    December 19, 2018 at 8:39 pm

    A hateful,racist, egotistical,woman who will never stop her hatred of our country!

  2. Kathy Root

    December 19, 2018 at 11:19 pm

    Michelle Obama is a hasbeen, along with her loser husband. She must be a very jealous person to throw such shade at a beautiful, classy first lady!

  3. Richard

    January 5, 2019 at 6:02 am

    She left the law firm because she lost her license. It’s always woe is me with the Obama’s and Clinton’s

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