Lou Dobbs Humiliates Mitt Romney For Calling Trump Unpresidential

Newly elected Utah Congressman and failed presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has been making waves lately by criticizing President Trump.

Romney wrote an anti-Trump editorial that was published in the Washington Post where he slammed Trump’s time in office and accused him of not riding to the “mantle of the office.”

Fox News’ Lou Dobbs had a few choice words that we can all use to describe Mitt Romney and his slimy actions since being elected to Congress.

“Mitt Romney is lower than a snake’s belly. .. I mean, he’s reprehensible. I can’t believe the people of Utah elected this creep.”

It was then pointed out that Romney used president Trump’s endorsement to run in Utah, and essentially lied to get elected because he is now clearly anti-Trump.

“Wait a minute. You mean the people of Utah didn’t know that he was anti-Trump? He didn’t run against Trump? He ran with Trump. Is that right? So he’s lied to the people of Utah.”

This is an excellent point and should be looked into further! These politicians should not be allowed to act like they are running in support of Trump but then flip-flop once elected.

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