Kellyanne Conway Just Exposed Massive Skeleton in Chuck Schumer’s Closet

On Saturday, White House Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway, spoke with Fox News about the upcoming bill that could end in a government shutdown if the Democrats don’t work with President Trump.

The spending bill was given a temporary stay until December 21st but that date is rapidly approaching and it’s clear from Trump’s meeting with Pelosi and Schumer that the Democrats intend on obstructing Trump every step of the way.

During her discussion with Jesse Waters, Conway spoke of President Trump’s eagerness to fulfill his duty of keeping Americans safe.

“This is way beyond immigration or even the wall, this is about border security. And border security is national security. This President has made clear that his primary duty to all of us in this country is to keep us safe.”

Conway then went on to let out the secret that Chuck Schumer and other hypocritical Democrats refuse to admit:

“[Trump] also knows that there were 26 Democrats in the Senate who voted for the Secure Fences Act in 2006… Let me just highlight a few for you: Senator Joe Biden, Senator Barack Obama, Senator Chuck Schumer, and Senator – ding ding ding – Hillary Clinton. So what’s happened on the border since the 2006 Secure Fences Act was voted on? It got worse!”

The only difference between 2006 and now is that Trump is President. That’s the only reason that could exist as to why these Democrats have switched their positions since 2006 – they want to prevent President Trump from getting anything done simply because they do not like him.

Do you think we should build the wall?

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