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Kellyanne Conway Just Dealt the Final Blow to Pelosi For Blocking Trump’s Border Wall

White House counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway stopped to talk to a throng of eager reporters in the White House Friday afternoon.

The reporters immediately asked her to comment on the fight in Congress to fund the border wall and how Nancy Pelosi seems to be digging her feet in more and more every day against the President.

Conway did not even miss a beat telling them that President Trump will not put up with obstruction based on personal feelings.

“Well you keep asking it and I’m going to keep giving you the answer that he continues to give which is he absolutely has the right to [declare a national emergency to build the wall]. He’s vetted it with his legal team and in my view that would be a tool or action of last resort, not first resort. He has tried to have Congress do its job. He tried to work with the Republican led Congress and now a Democratic led Congress to do its job and get this country and immigration reform package.”

This indicates that Trump is absolutely not backing down and will deliver on his promises to the people of this country.

She then specifically called out Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to specify exactly what the issue is with President Trump’s current immigration reform bill.

‘At least come to the table and tell us exactly what do you and your Congress object to, Speaker Pelosi. … Is it the 2750 new border patrol agents? Is it the 75 more immigration judges to try to release the pressure of the 800,000 case backlog that we have? Is it the $800 million detention beds in humanitarian assistance?”

These are all the things that Democrats have asked for in past immigration reform bills but that they are now obstructing just because they’ve been brought to the table by President Trump.

Conway then told them that there is a semantics argument where Democrats want to call the bill the “Secure Fences Act” rather than calling it a wall. This is her response to them.

“Call it what you want but just get the darn thing done.”

Most true Americans do not care what you call it as long as you get it built. Tell Nancy Pelosi to do her job now!

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