Judge Jeanine Pulls Out All FBI Dirty Tricks Used On Flynn & Puts Them On Full Blast

In her ‘open’ on Fox News, Judge Jeanine eloquently discussed Lady Justice and what the Mueller gang has done to General Michael Flynn.

With grace and facts backing her up, Judge Jeanine makes a case against the Mueller probe attorney’s and for General Flynn.

Judge Jeanine was on fire about Justice in America, and she was on point.
Judge Jeanine first cited an epic observation, and she is right on target about Justice.

She said, “we’re in a dark and dangerous place in America, tonight, where politics is driving our system of Justice instead of Lady Justice being blind to politics.” The Judge stated it beautifully.

Specifically, the Judge discussed the Michael Flynn situation with the Special Counsel and FBI where he was set-up in the name of politics.

“At it’s core”, the Judge said, “this is a story of injustice” regardless of your party affiliation.

Did the Mueller gang really want the truth? Or a political indictment?

“If they wanted information – if they wanted the truth – they could have shown Flynn a copy of his transcript from his conversation to refresh his recollection – but no – they didn’t want the truth – they wanted to take down a bit player to get to the big player,” the Judge said.

Then Jeanine announced Tuesday both parties will appear again in front of Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan who is “unafraid of the Swamp. A Judge who has a track record of calling out prosecutorial misconduct. A man who does not tolerate injustice or abuse of power.”

In a blockbuster reveal, she said, “Judge Sullivan can throw out [Flynn’s] guilty plea if he concludes that the FBI intentionally interfered with Flynn’s Constitutional Right to Counsel.“(VIDEO BELOW.)


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