Joy And Whoopi Get Totally Filthy, Air Slanderous Trump Video Today That Goes Too Far

All President Trump’s enemies came out to gloat with the charges against Paul Manafort. And none worse that the ladies of ‘The View.’

The sad part of this gloating is in order to do it they all had to ignore the facts of the case. Because if they did, they wouldn’t be gloating but crying.

Because the charges against Manafort actually do more to clear Trump than convict him.

As Trump himself tweeted out – these charges are for old financial crimes unrelated to him or his campaign.

In other words, no collusion.

But Whoopi and Joy didn’t mention that in their slanderous hit piece on Trump.

Whoopi Goldberg started off the gloating saying the “morning has been rather interesting.”

The audience howled with delight and they seemed to know there was going to be an epic Trump bashing coming soon.

And Whoopi and Joy did not disappoint.

They introduced a slanderous video about Trump with Whoopi cautioning her liberal audience (because they believe anything) that the video was not real.

To which Joy Behar belched, “It’s not real yet.”

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