Jim Acosta Tries to Lie About the Border So Trump Turns to Him and Drops the Hammer

President Trump held a brief press conference on Friday to address the attacks from Democrats and to shine line on their holding the government hostage by denying him the funds to build his border wall.

He discussed the fact that he has full legal authority to declare a national emergency to build a wall on the southern border to protect this country from the influx of illegal aliens and criminals pouring over the border.

“If [Congress] can’t do it, I will declare a national emergency. I have the absolute right to do it. … Now what will happen is I will be sued, it will be brought to the Ninth Circuit … and we will probably lose there too. And then hopefully we will win in the Supreme Court.”

He talked about the “invasion” at the border and how Democrats refuse to stop do the single easiest thing available to stop that invasion – build the wall.

“We have a country that is being invaded by criminals and by drugs and we are going to stop it.”

After the briefing was over, reporters immediately launched into questions for Trump. It was difficult to hear any single reporter over any others but Trump managed to hear CNN’s Jim Acosta yelling at him over the throng of journalists.

What he said in return to Jim stunned the whole room and left patriotic Americans cheering.

“Good job yesterday. I appreciate your sales pitch.”

Jim tried to snap back by saying “I didn’t see an invasion at the border.”

Trump responded with “Yeah, that’s because we had a wall there!”

President Trump was telling Jim that he and his liberal reporter friends boosted Trump’s credibility on why we need a wall at the border.

Jim Acosta immediately shut his mouth for the rest of the briefing because obviously that was not the answer he was expecting to receive from President Trump.

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