Gingrich Defends President Trump After Dems Refuse to End Government Shutdown

Former Congressman Newt Gingrich appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Monday night to discuss the ongoing government shutdown and what he believes Trump should do in this situation.

Gingrich firmly believes that President Trump should continue to play hardball with the obstructionists in Congress and show them that he will not back down when it comes to protecting American citizens.

Even worse was the fact that many Democrats left Washington this week to travel to Puerto Rico where they will participate in a winter retreat.

“The president’s position ought to be that we’re not going to kick the can any further down the road, we’re going to get it solved now. And he ought to call the Congress in and say, ‘Look, you guys have an obligation to stay here and to focus on this.”

These stubborn lawmakers who are playing fast and loose with people’s paychecks should not be going on a tropical vacation while the government grinds to a halt. They also should not be getting paid during the shutdown.

Gingrich believes that rather than declaring a national emergency to get the wall built, President Trump should hold Congress’ feet to the fire and force them to do their job.

“The leadership’s never going to cut a deal. They can’t possibly cut a deal. They ought to start looking at what’s the procedure to find 40 or 50 Democrats, combine them with the Republicans and get things passed on a bipartisan basis, in effect beating Pelosi and the left-wing of the Democratic Party.”

Do you agree with Gingrich?

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