From CBS NEWS: Gohmert Reveals Outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan Schemed to Sabotage Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan bemoaned America’s “broken politics” in a farewell speech Wednesday and called Washington’s failure to overhaul costly federal benefit programs “our greatest unfinished business.”

Ryan said that our country’s “complex problems are solvable… if our politics will allow it.” But he admitted that “the drivers of our broken politics are more obvious than the solutions,” Ryan said. And he worried, “The state of politics these days is another question, and frankly one I don’t have an answer for.”

As Congress is closing out the year with a fight over funding for President Trump’s border wall, Ryan urged his colleagues to think bigger, saying “no matter what the outcome is in the coming days, the larger problem will remain.”

Noting that Mr. Trump’s signature border wall is just one aspect of improving the nation’s immigration system, Ryan said that Congress needs to modernize the visa system, find a solution for both the DACA recipients who “came here as no fault of their own,” and “ultimately the undocumented population.”

Ryan also pressed his party to pursue “good free trade agreements that open up now markets to American-made products.”

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