Democrats Outraged After Obamacare Ruled Unconstitutional

After a federal judge in Texas ruled on Friday that the mandate clause of the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional, a slew of prominent liberal figures, flocked to social media to react in horror and outrage.

The ruling, which found that the controversial requirement forcing Americans to purchase health insurance or pay penalty fees was unconstitutional, striking a major blow to ObamaCare in general, and infuriating its supporters.

Top-ranking Democrat politicians, left-leaning pundits, and others bemoaned the ruling, with the general consensus coming from many of the left’s loudest speakers was a push for “medicare for all.”

Obama-era holdovers, such as former Attorney General Eric Holder, lead the charge, joined by a slew of others, all of who echoed the same “medicare for all” rhetoric.

Left-leaning journalists and pundits appeared to urge Democrats to move to protect a “medicare for all” measure while denouncing the ruling against ObamaCare.

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