Democrats’ Favorite Candidate Caught In $400K Scandal – Her 2020 Chances Are Toast

The moment Republicans have been waiting for – here it comes.

With 2019 around the corner, rumors about Democratic candidates for president are heating up.

Already a few names have pulled out, knowing they’d never beat Donald Trump. (Thank God, Michael Avenatti is gone!)

Others are weighing their options, declaring their intentions in the coming months.

A major star on the Left has been teasing her 2020 candidacy for months now.

But a new scandal has just about shattered her chances.

From the Sacramento Bee:

A longtime top staff member of U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris resigned Wednesday after The Sacramento Bee inquired about a $400,000 harassment and retaliation settlement resulting from his time working for Harris at the California Department of Justice.

Larry Wallace… was accused by his former executive assistant in December 2016 of “gender harassment” and other demeaning behavior, including frequently asking her to crawl under his desk to change the paper in his printer…

“We were unaware of this issue and take accusations of harassment extremely seriously…” Harris spokeswoman Lily Adams wrote in an email.

The paper trail over this scandal is very long. Numerous top California Democrats were involved. Yet Sen. Harris claims she was “unaware” of this?

Give me a break.

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A top staff member was harassing a female client. That would have been front-and-center, for a senator who made so much out of the #MeToo movement.

For someone that’s exploited a movement for fame, you’d think she would have outed Wallace immediately.

Either she knew and covered it up, or she was completely oblivious to what was going on in her own office. I don’t know which is worse!

It’s very likely that she was aware of the scandal, case, and settlement.

But, like a good politician, deliberately avoided getting involved. Just to “keep her hands clean,” so to speak.

Now that the news is spreading, she only looks like a hypocrite and a bad choice for President. Like most Democrats, these days.

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