CNN Crosses The Line With Sheriff Joe – He Hits Them With $300M Hammer

CNN tried to take down one of Trump’s biggest supporters, so Arpaio gave them some old-fashioned justice.

CNN has made up a lot of lies in the past, but their hit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio may take the cake.

Sheriff Arpaio is just one of millions of Americans who stand against the Left’s open borders agenda, and therefore the media has made it a priority to take him down.

But after their latest lie about him, Arpaio is fighting back.

Now he’s going to make them pay through the nose.

From Washington Examiner:

Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is suing several media outlets, including CNN, for $300 million for reporting he was a “convicted felon” who went to prison.

The lawsuit was filed Monday against CNN and its president Jeff Zucker and anchor Chris Cuomo, the HuffPost and its political reporter Kevin Robillard, and Rolling Stone magazine and staff writer Tessa Stuart.

Arpaio alleged CNN defamed him when Cuomo referred to him as a “convicted felon” in a Jan. 10 broadcast.

It’s about time someone took CNN to task for their repeated lies. Arpaio was never a “convicted felon”, nor did he ever serve a day in prison.

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In 2017 he was convicted of contempt of court, which is a misdemeanor, for detaining migrants who lacked proof of citizenship.

Arpaio apparently violated a court order for continuing to detain non-citizens, but many Americans took his side and respected him for working to keep America safe.

Trump agreed and pardoned Arpaio less than a month after his conviction. Like the President, Arpaio believes in protecting American citizens under established US law.

The liberal media thinks it can smear conservatives with false statements and label an honorable man as a convicted felon. Well, now they had better pay for it.

Conservatives must always continue to fight the lies of the Left. Their goal is propaganda and chaos.

The mainstream media needs to be held accountable for actively working to destroy America, President Trump, and patriots like Sheriff Arpaio.

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