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Charlie Daniels: Pelosi & Schumer ‘One-Eyed Jacks’ Lying About Wall, They Freak Out

Country legend Charlie Daniels was on fire, blasting Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. The 82-year-old icon had quite a message for the “one-eyed-jacks.” Daniels said, “I, for one, will not stand silently by and watch a bunch of greedy, power-hungry politicians steal the rights and freedoms that so many good men have died to give us. Build the wall or it’s bedlam.” But he was just getting started as the Democratic duo freaked out. Don’t miss this.

Charlie Daniels is in his retirement years, but he is hellbent on exposing Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Daniels maintains a website which was initially for his music, but now that the country has erupted into Trump Derangement Syndrome, the country singer has been using it to speak his mind.

“Pelosi and Schumer who never met a pro-abortion bill they didn’t like now plead compassion for children,” Daniels started. “While the two wax figures who rebutted President Trump the other night showed about as much compassion as a rattlesnake, their cold, stiff, almost inhuman demeanor and appearance more closely resembling a cold-blooded apparition than a warm-blooded human being.”

He then ripped Pelosi about the wall, excoriating the House Speaker. “Pelosi says that a wall sends the wrong message, while what it actually does is send a message that America is a nation of laws, a nation in control, a nation whose sovereignty will not be violated by any and all who can traverse its porous borders,” Daniels said.

The 82-year-old rancher has an active Twitter account with almost one million followers and at least once a day tweets, “Benghazi isn’t going away!” He strongly denounces Socialism which he sees as something the new radical Democrats are embracing. Daniels is no country bumpkin. He has the Democrats number, especially on the wall.

“Anybody with enough sense to walk through a door without bumping their head can see where this is heading, knows that a properly built wall will stem the flow of illegals and knows that the Democrats know it will work and therein is the rub,” Daniels added.

He then called out the Democrats, claiming they know the wall works and that is what they are afraid of. The wall will prove they were wrong.

“[S]tretches of wall that have been extremely effective and the Democrats know it and know that if Trump builds the wall it will severely curtail their dreams of ultimate power and a stranglehold over everything in the United States, plus reveal, that as in so many other things, they don’t know what they are talking about,” Daniels lamented.

He trolled Schumer on social media yesterday, posting, “Look into the eyes of Chuck Schumer, do you see the kind of compassion that says, ‘I support open borders because I have a deep love for my fellow man and want them to have a chance at the American dream?’”

“Joyce’s Variety Shop” agreed with Daniels, posting, “If the ‘American’ dream is now no consensus law & order, socialism culture, hate & one party control, people coming here aren’t going to a country any better than the one they’re leaving.”

“Schumer-Pelosi’s ideal America. Guns would be confiscated, there would be no restrictions whatsoever on abortion, taxes would be through the roof, global warming – the new religion of the left – would become front and center and American manufacturing would, again, begin a monolithic evacuation,” Daniels warned.

Well, Pelosi is freaking out as the shutdown devastated her approval ratings. The numbers: 28 percent of Americans gave Mrs. Pelosi a thumbs up, a quarter were either neutral or unsure, and 47 percent rated her unfavorably. In the breakdown of the final finding, 34 percent had a “very negative” feeling toward the Speaker, reported the Washington Times.

And what about ole crybaby Chucky Schumer? Well, as usual, he was playing games trying to keep the president out of the Senate negotiations on the wall, which means the New York Senator is whining again.

“When the president has stayed out of it, when the president has given Congress room, we have been repeatedly able to forge bipartisan agreements,” Schumer said. “When the president injects … partisan demands negotiations tends to fall apart.”

Earth to Schumer: President Trump will veto anything that does not fund the wall — he knows it, everyone knows it. He is just grandstanding hoping to catch the GOP senators off guard. It’s not going to work as so many Americans feel exactly like Charlie Daniels. We are sick of their game-playing.

“I may go down, but I will go down swinging, kicking, hollering and praying,” Daniels concluded. This can be said of the majority of Americans who have cried while watching Angel Moms hold posters of their dead children who were murdered by illegal aliens. There are no words to convey how violated they must feel.

Also, we have the leftist media threatening us that if Trump declares a national emergency, then they will declare one for gun confiscation when a Democrat wins the presidency.

Really? Right now Trump has a 12,000 person migrant caravan headed to the Southern border, that by law is a national emergency. What type of national emergency can the Democrats muster to take away our Second Amendment rights? Not only is this plainly a poor comparison, one declaration defends our sovereignty, but the other will take away our Constitutional rights.

I stand with Charlie Daniels and say “bring it.” Take your best shot. God knows Pelosi and her sewer rats have conjured obstacle after obstacle to thwart Trump. The time is now. On February 15th, Trump will face those RINO’s who will tell him to stand down. Make your voice heard. We won’t ever be this close again. Make sure the president knows Americans elected him and as tough as it has been it’s time to build the wall.



  1. Suzanne

    January 29, 2019 at 7:31 pm

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Did I say yes?! Do not back down! Do not stop until this entire treasonous group of —————— pays for what they have done! Keep talking and telling! EVERYTHING!

  2. mike turley

    January 30, 2019 at 10:52 am

    GOD bless charlie daniels Time to build the wall Time to send barrack and the sasquatch packing
    bye mishelle

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