After Trump Delivers Order To Mexico – They Send Back $30B Response

Even Donald did not see Mexico coming.

For months, we watched as migrant caravans marched to our border.

The president demanded Mexico do something about the problem. The nation struggled to hold back the tide.

But in the end, they have come around. Now, they are working to make sure fewer citizens will want to flee to the border in the future.

From MSN:

Mexico’s new government – under pressure from the Trump administration to curb illegal immigration to the U.S. – will pump more than $30 billion into development for southern Mexico, an investment plan meant in part to deter illicit migration from Central America, the country’s top diplomat said Monday…

The idea, Ebrard said, was to reduce poverty – a major root cause of migration – and thus cut an incentive for people to leave their homelands.

The plan comes as the Trump administration increases pressure on Mexico to take more forceful actions to halt Central American migration.

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Hmm… $30 billion, huh? How much is the border wall supposed to cost? $25 billion?

Trump has always vowed Mexico will pay for the wall. They seem to have the money to invest in this program, but not securing the border?

But if Mexico’s good to it’s word, this measure might encourage citizens to stick around. Instead of fleeing to the U.S. border whenever things get tough.

Millions of Mexican and South American citizens have fled to the United States in recent years.

The root problem is massive poverty and crime in their home countries. Liberals have complained we aren’t taking in enough people.

Yet they never stopped to wonder why Mexico hasn’t tried keeping their people around.

This initiative might go a long way in preventing future caravans from slamming our border.

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