After Liberals Rush Mexican Border – Trump Forces Unleash Swift Justice

They rushed from the American side to help the caravan – bad idea.

For months the caravans have tried to jump the border, with our honorable border agents and military stopping them at every turn.

It’s hard enough to stop thousands invading our nation with every move under a microscope.

But now, liberals are making the problem even worse—by invading the border from America!

From Fox 5 San Diego:

About 25 people were arrested Monday when they tried to push past heavily-armed border agents and get to the border wall at Border Field State Park.

The people who were detained were part of a much larger demonstration of more than 200 people called “Love Knows No Borders.”

The group said it was demonstrating to show support for immigrants who have come to Tijuana to ask for asylum in the United States.

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You’d think “faith leaders” would be the first to support a strong border.

They’re supposed to be concerned for the well-being of their parishioners, right? Everyone knows open borders are a major threat to our democracy, economy, and national security.

Yet these leaders are more concerned with upholding toxic, liberal policies that hurt American families and communities.

They want non-citizens to force their way into America. They are encouraging outsiders to break our laws.

Not very religious of them.

We are fully in support of Border Patrol arresting people who pull these kinds of stunts. They had no right to demand outsiders welcome into our country.

What will it take for liberals to realize what’s really going on at our border?

All of them blindly follow what Obama or Pelosi tells them. Can’t they think for themselves?

I guess not.

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