After Hillary Snubs Trump at Bush Funeral, What He Does Next Proves Why America Loves Him

The late George H.W. Bush was officially laid to rest today on the official Day of Mourning after several days of ceremonies to remember his legacy.

Thousands have paid their respects to Bush, 94 passes away November 30th with family and good friends surrounding his bedside.

President Trump and First Lady Melania appeared at the funeral this morning to pay their respects along with many past politicians.

As Trump and Melania sat down in the first row seats reserved for them, Bill and Hillary Clinton who were seated just down from them refused to look at them or shake their hands.

In true honorable fashion, Trump instead turned to former President Obama and his wife Michelle and offered his hand for them to shake.

Trump will not let the Clintons’ immaturity permeate this solemn day when America is remembering a former President.

This goes to show that America made the right choice when they elected President Trump in 2016.

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