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After Dems Criticize Melania’s SOTU Guest, Kellyanne Conway Reveals How Toxic They’ve Become

First Lady Melania Trump decided to bring an extraordinary guest with her to the State of the Union Address on Tuesday.

She brought a young boy, Joshua Trump, from Wilmington Delaware, who has been the victim of vicious bullying just because of his last name.

Melania heard about Joshua on the news and immediately reached out to him. He was ecstatic at the invitation to attend the event and help bring awareness to Melania’s “BE BEST” campaign to end bullying.

Not everyone thought Melania’s gesture was so great though. Several news outlets called it “narcissistic” to bring someone as a guest just because they have the same last name as you.

One NPR host asked White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway if she supports the bullying done by President Trump. Kellyanne snapped back with a truth bomb that the reporter did not like.

The President uses “considerable media platforms to cut through the middlemen who don’t tell the truth about his record.”

President Trump wouldn’t have to call people out on social media if the liberal media in this country would just tell the truth instead of attacking him all the time.

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