30 Democrats, Special Report !!

For those of you who in the government are not getting paid due to the shutdown and you’re wondering who to blame. Let me point out facts. First weekend of the shutdown. Speaker of the house is in Hawaii and no Democrats came to the White House to negotiate to end the shutdown.

Second weekend.

30 Democrats with lobbyists are partying in Puerto Rico enjoying the sunshine on the beach ,Chartered Jets while the president sits in Washington trying to end the shutdown. Today the president ask Democrats and Republicans to come to lunch to discuss the border security issue. Not One Democrat showed up. So if you think they care about you getting a paycheck. Wrong. All they care about is letting more illegal immigrants in this country so they can get votes and overtake the government and control it like a socialist country.

The Democrats are the ones to blame. Not the president or the Republicans. There is another caravan headed this way. More votes for the Democrats. And remember. Every one of those into this country. You the American people will be paying with taxes to support them which would be a lot more expensive than building the wall. Join me and say the s###w you Democrats.


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